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Wizkids combines revolutionary tools from around the globe to create custom online learning experiences for each child. Every child is different, it only makes sense to find out what their specific learning needs are to help them better. At WizKids we start each child with an assessment phase to identify specifically what they know and what they do not know. Simple. Based on the assessment results we will create a custom recommendation every week - tailored to their progress. Learning becomes easier.

Struggling? Doing Ok? High Achiever?
We can help your child do better.

How Do We Help?

Help your child get a global advantage and build a long term love for learning. WizKids offers children in Bangladesh a chance to learn Math, Science and English according to international curriculum. Tailored specifically for them and their speed of learning!
Each student is treated uniquely. They each complete an assessment phase with us to identify their strengths and weaknesses. When we find out what their levels are we can ensure that every week we recommend the lessons that the child is ready to learn, never to hard and never too easy.
New to learning math and science in the English language? Don’t Worry! We will help you by putting more focus on developing your reading comprehension skills and ensure they develop properly before we try to explore math and science.

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    Technology Driven Learning with Human Support So Every Child Can Learn.

    Unlock your child's real potential and find out what they are capable of. Our assessment will help to identify where your child should begin learning with us and every week we’ll make recommendations based on their progress and what they are ready for.

    Intermediate Students – Is average enough?

    These students have the capacity to be far better than "OK" if given the right support. However, without the right support there is a risk they can fall behind and lose confidence altogether.
    We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child to identify the topics holding your child back. We will then create a learning plan to fix those problem areas. Once we have caught up, we will start consolidating what your child is doing in School and start introducing them to topics before the they do them in class.
    By combining our online Math and English programs with our tutors, we can help ensure your child has all the support they need to be better than just OK.

    Advanced Students – Striving for excellence

    To begin with, our Math, English & Science tutors will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child. If there are any gaps, we will quickly address those before challenging them and advancing them through the curriculum at their pace. By combining our online learning programs with our tutors, you can be confident your child has all the support they need to reach their potential in Maths and English.

    • Improved confidence and understanding.
    • Great for children in accelerated learning programs.
    • Great for Selective School entry preparation.
    • Great for Scholarship exam preparation.

    Learn – Anytime, Anywhere at Your Pace.

    With WizKids Bangladesh learning can happen anytime, anywhere!

    All you need is your device, and occasional access to internet connection. No fixed times, just when convenient. The WizKids learning programs run on computer, tablet or your mobile device. All our lessons are taught in English. We combine all our programs with a live tutor help desk, contact our tutors anytime you need 1 on 1 support.

    Our online assessments will identify your child’s levels in Math, Science and English. When we find out what a child knows and what they do not know we create a tailored plan for how we can help the child. Every week we set activities for children based on what they are ready for, every recommendation will be based on the child's progress. You’ll never see lessons that are too easy or too hard.


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