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We are motivated to provide the best educational support to students across Bangladesh. Our success comes from helping our students to succeed and reach their goals. By providing our students with the highest quality online tools needed to learn, our students are going to have a global advantage. Diagnostic knowledge measuring tools, individually tailored lessons and recommendations, 1 on 1 support on demand, our students will be able to thrive in a global educational landscape.

Preschool to Class 12 - University Prep

Wizkids Education Online Programs

All of our lessons are taught in english. Why? We want them to be prepared for education in Bangladesh and abroad. All our graduate programs in universities teach in English anyways. Many of our students graduate and when they are accepted into their universities they begin to have difficulty. Let's prepare them ahead of time!

We offer our students curriculums from the U.K and from America in Math, Science and English.

Here is What We Offer


We can begin from as early as Preschool; Numbers, shapes, counting, addition and subtraction. All the way to class 12 Calculus. We also have digital textbooks covering university level material matched to the U.K university standards and the American university entry exams - GMAT.


From the child's basics to advanced chemistry, physics and biology. We also have the digital e-books from the core science textbooks used by students in the UK and America. Skill plans to focus on key topic development. Practice exams and memorization tools to help make things easier.


If your child has no experience with English or just beginning their learning journey we can help get them started in a perfect manner. A B C’s, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Pronunciation - Conversational Skills. For students that are not comfortable with English, we will focus on your English development before starting with the math and science.

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The trade license of WizKids Bangladesh ltd. is registered under Dhaka South City Corporation. Trade License No: 024980. Date issued: 01/12/2022.

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