How often can I call the tutors?

Children and parents can call our tutors for help with any question on the program as often as they like during the Tutor Support hours. Every question is fully explained and provides instant feedback, so your child will not need to call us regularly to benefit from our programs.

When do we receive the weekly lesson plan and weekly report?

When you wake up on Monday morning for school, your new weekly lesson plan, and your last report, should have arrived. These are emailed to the email address you have given our tutor team. If, for any reason, you have not received your email please check your junk mail. The weekly lesson plan can also be located when logging into Math Wiz and English Wiz under the child's name.

My child has finished their lesson plan for the week. Can they do more work?

For elementary children, it is strongly recommended that on completion of their lesson plan for the week, they spend extra time practicing the educational games. The educational games are very important as they are a fun way for children to reinforce and learn concepts such as their timetables. The more they practice, the easier it will become.

High school students need to also practice the topics they are learning in school by using the find lesson search tool.

I want my child to practice what they are learning in school. Can this be done?

Yes, they can, and it is recommended. Just use the find lesson search tool to find what they are learning in school. This allows students who are ahead of their peers to be able to maintain knowledge and practice in areas they have already completed, and for students who are catching up to their peers to do additional supplementary work. During exam periods, this is especially helpful as it allows students to quickly see their strong and weak areas in their school material and focus on developing their weak points.

My child says that the school teaches a topic differently to the program. Is this possible?

Care has been taken to make sure that our lessons reflect the way the lesson is being taught in school. However, it is possible that your school or teacher teaches a topic slightly different to the method shown within the programs. If your child is ever unsure or uncertain about a lesson, please call our tutor line and we can provide tutor support.

How long should it take to complete the weekly lesson plan?

The time it takes to complete the weekly lesson plan will vary between students. Students are encouraged to take their time when using the programs and work through the step-by-step solutions when provided. As a guide, the lesson plan for Math is typically set for 50 mins per week. For English, the lesson plan is set for 40 mins per week.

My child is finding the activities in the lesson plan too easy. Is the lesson plan right?

Some children do give feedback that when starting on the programs that they feel the lesson plan is too easy. The lessons included in the lesson plan are determined by the questions they answered incorrectly in Math Doctor.

If a child has made a mistake or forgot how to answer a question when completing Math Doctor, these lessons will appear in the lesson plan. These lessons can appear easy as it can be a case of just jogging the child's memory. Even then, it is important to compete the lesson so that it can go into the child's long-term memory.

How is the weekly lesson plan created?

Essentially the weekly lesson plan is based on:
1. Math Doctor.
2. Previous weeks' results for lessons and tests.
3. The requirement for revision and practice.

I have used the search tool but I can't seem to find a lesson.

Some text books or teachers might use a different name for a lesson. In nearly all cases, you will find that the lesson is covered by the program. If you cannot find a lesson, please call our tutor line and we can help you find the lesson. If for some reason you are doing a topic in school not covered by our programs, our tutors can provide tutor support for your child.